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Book Launch: Paul, Then and Now

Cover of Dr Matthew Novenson's book 'Paul, Then and Now'

An online book launch is being held to celebrate the publication of Dr Matthew Novenson's new book, 'Paul, Then and Now' (Eerdmans, 2022). Featuring Andrew Boakye (Manchester), Paula Fredriksen (Hebrew U), David Lincicum (Notre Dame), and Jennifer Strawbridge (Oxford), with response from Matthew Novenson (Edinburgh), this event will be held through Zoom on the 20 June at 4pm.

The book follows a collection of a decade’s worth of essays, in which Dr Matthew Novenson puts contextual understandings of Paul’s letters into conversation with their Christian reception history. After a new, programmatic introductory essay that frames the other eleven essays, Novenson explores topics including:

  • the relation between theology and historical criticism
  • the place of Jews and gentiles in Paul’s gospel
  • Paul’s relation to Judaism
  • the relevance of messianism to Paul’s Christology
  • Paul’s eschatology in relation to ancient Jewish eschatologies
  • the aptness of monotheism as a category for understanding antiquity
  • the reception of Paul by diverse early Christian writers
  • the peculiar place of Protestantism in the modern study of Paul
  • the debate over the recent Paul-within-Judaism movement
  • anti-Judaism in modern New Testament scholarship
  • disputes over Romans and Galatians
  • the meta-question of what it would mean to get Paul right or wrong 


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