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Croall Lecture 2019: ‘There is something new under the sun’ - Recent finds from Masada

This year's Croall Lecture will be delivered by Dr Guy D Stiebel, Senior Lecturer, Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures,  and Head, Masada Expedition, Tel-Aviv University. The lecture at 4pm will be followed by a reception at 5.30pm. 


Masada has seen a lot of history. Built by Herod the Great between 37-34 BCE, the ancient fortress near the western shores of the Dead Sea was the last rebel stronghold during the First Jewish War against the Romans (66-73CE). More recently (2001), it became the first Israeli site to qualify for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Although Masada has been subject to several celebrated seasons of excavation during the early 1960s, a great deal remains to be investigated. Join Dr Guy D Stiebel, Head of the Masada Expedition, to find out what he and his team have uncovered about King Herod, the refugee camp that was erected during the Great Jewish Revolt and the little known Byzantine monastery of Marda.


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