Religion and Literature

This programme offers deep and broad study of the relationship between all genres of literature and a wide range of religious traditions, thoughts and practices.

Programme Director Professor Alison Jack discusses the postgraduate Religion and Literature programme here at the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh.


About the study area

Students explore literary and religious texts and ideas including the history of the emerging field,as well as current issues in both areas of study and in their interaction.

The programme draws on the expertise of  world-renowned academics in Theology, Ethics, Religious Studies and Biblical Studies.

If you are interested in this study area, you can apply either as a Master of Theology (MTh) or as a Master of Science (MSc); depending on your preference.

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Programme structure

Optional Courses

These courses may change year to year, so please consult the Programme Director for advice on what will be available.

With the agreement of your Programme Director, you may also take courses from other masters programmes including those on offer in English Literature or language courses (subject to availability and timetabling constraints).

Career opportunities

This programme is designed to prepare you for PhD work in the field of Religion and Literature, as well as in allied subjects, or to move on to non-academic work of various kinds including teaching, academic publishing, religious leadership and the creative arts.

Further information

Programme Director

Professor Alison Jack


Profile page: Professor Alison Jack

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