Multi Story Edinburgh-Divinity Graduates

Divinity graduates Marc, Kirsty, Tommie, Joanna and Marcus feature on this month's Multi Story Edinburgh podcast.

The Multi Story Edinburgh Podcast features University of Edinburgh Graduates talking about their experiences at the University. This month features Divinity Graduates, Marc, Kirsty, Tommie, Joanna and Marcus. 

Marc-Episode 22

In episode twenty two of the podcast we meet Religious Studies graduate Marc.

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Joanna-Episode 21

In episode twenty one of the podcast we meet Religious Studies graduate Joanna.

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Marcus-Episode 20

In episode twenty we meet Philosophy and Theology graduate Marcus.

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Kirsty-Episode 19

In episode nineteen of the podcast we meet Religious Studies graduate Kirsty.

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Tommie-Episode 18

In episode eighteen of the podcast we meet Theology graduate Tommie.

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Multi Story Edinburgh Podcast

The Multi Story Edinburgh Podcast features the Alumni Relations team at the University of Edinburgh talking to graduates of the University. They are asked to tell their story and to share a place where we can gather when all this is over. The podcasts are available to listen to online on a variety of platforms. Subscribe now and find out what everyone is up to and how they feel about this weird and unpredictable time.

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