Call for papers: ‘Gratitude: Hope or Burden?’

Postgraduates are invited to submit papers by 19 November 2018 for a workshop in Edinburgh which will explore major themes and approaches in Islamic and Christian theologies of gratitude.

The workshop, ‘Gratitude: Hope or Burden? Christian and Muslim Perspectives,' will take place 10-11 December 2018, at New College, University of Edinburgh.

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The two-day international event will be hosted by the School of Divinity.

It is one of three workshops, funded by the Issachar Fund, in which leading scholars will examine the concept of gratitude from Christian and Muslim theological and philosophical perspectives, focusing on the role of gratitude in the divine-human covenant, interpersonal relationships and the public sphere. Future workshops will be held in 2019 in Dubai and Yale.

Divine giving, gratitude and action

Both Islamic and Christian traditions emphasise the importance of divine gift-giving and gratitude (Ar. shukr) as the appropriate human response. Theological and philosophical literature, however, has tended to focus on the divine action rather than the human response. As a result, relatively little has been written about the theology of gratitude. Questions to consider include whether humans are obliged to be grateful to God, whether gratitude plays a role in salvation, and what is the value of gratitude in the religious life beyond the divine-human covenant.

Call for papers: deadline 19 November 2018

The first workshop, ‘Gratitude: Hope or Burden?', taking place 10-11 December 2018, Edinburgh, will be hosted and chaired by Mona Siddqui. Confirmed speakers include Joseph Lumbard, Tom Greggs, Martin Nguyen, Linn Tonstad, Joshua Ralston and others. The event aims to bring together Islamic and Christian voices on gratitude and so provide a forum for discussion and mutual learning. 

This workshop welcomes papers from postgraduates which explore major themes and approaches in Islamic and Christian theologies of gratitude.

Papers should not be prescriptive or merely descriptive, but offer a fresh defence or critique of approaches to gratitude from a theological or philosophical perspective.

Please send an abstract (150 words) to Nathanael Vette by 19 November 2018. Email

Papers should be no longer than 20 mins.

Decisions will be communicated by 21 November.


Bursaries to assist with travel and accommodation are available on application and subject to availability. Papers will be considered for an upcoming publication resulting from a series of workshops.

For information regarding bursaries for travel and accommodation, email

This event is sponsored by the Issachar Fund.


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