Theology and Ethics

Wednesdays, 11.10am - 12.50pm, Althaus-Reid Room

The seminar is for postgraduates and staff, and others are most welcome. For enquiries, please contact Dr Joshua Ralston (

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Semester 2: Spring 2019

Date  Speaker Topic

23 January 2019

Althaus-Reid Room

Prof Hugh Goddard


John Knox and Ibn Taymiyya on the Limits of Obedience to the State

28 January 2019


Althaus Reid Room

Dr Richard Oosterhoff


Platonism, Prayer, and Difficulty in Lefèvre d'Étaples

***Joint seminar with History of Christianity***

30 January 2019

Dr Ulrich Schmiedel


God in the Gaps: In Pursuit of a Public Theology for

the Post-Migrant Society

13 February 2019

Prof Natalie Carnes


The New Iconoclasm

27 February 2019

Dr Marika Rose


Holy Mothers of God: sex, work, and the women of Jesus’ genealogy
13 March 2019

Dr Simeon Zahl


Grace as Experience
18 March 2019

Rescheduled: previously 1 April 2019

Dr Bethany Sollereder


Compassionate Theodicy: Theological Intergration of Heart and Head

***Joint seminar with Science and Religion***

20 March 2019

Prof Richard H Roberts


'God’ in the 20th-21st Centuries: Hermeneutics and interdisciplinarity

in the borderlands between 'Theology’ and ‘Religious Studies’

27 March 2019 Rev Dr Tamás Kodácsy  (Károli Gáspár) Ethics of Emerging Technologies Based on 5 Biblical Equipments
3 April 2019

Nina Kurlberg


Nomi Pritz Bennet


Corporation, Church or Service-Oriented Community? Applying the lens of institutional logics to the empirical study of faith-based aid and relief organisations


The Will to be Powerless: Nihilism and Salvation in Maurice Blondel and Arthur Schopenhauer

5 April 2019

Senate Room

Symposium - speakers include Dr Darren Kennedy, Dr Hani Hanna,

Dr Wietske Jong-Kumru, Dr Taraneh Wilkinson, Dr Joshua Ralston. 

Responses from Prof David Fergusson, Prof Paul T Nimmo,

Prof Linn Tonstad, Dr James Eglinton, and Prof Iain Torrance

A Symposium on Protestant Theology and Islam. Read the programme.

The seminar is for postgraduates and staff, and others are most welcome.

For enquiries, please contact Dr Joshua Ralston 


Semester 1: Autumn 2018


Date Speaker Topic
26 September 2018

Prof Peter Scott

University of Manchester


The Work of Love in the Age of its Technological Substitutability

10 October 2018 

Dr Clare Carlisle

King’s College London


Habit and Practice

17 October 2018

Dr Andrew Davison

University of Cambridge

Theology and the Entanglement of Life:

Christian Doctrine and Biological Symbiosis  

**Joint seminar with Religion and Science**


22, 24, 25 October 2018

Cunningham Lectures

by Professor Peter Phan

Migration of Christianity, Christianity of Migration

**5pm in Martin Hall**


7 November 2018

Bruce Pass

University of Edinburgh


Cameron Clausing

University of Edinburgh


The Servant Queen:

Bavinck on the Place of Theology in the University



  Time after Time: Bavinck on History

14 November 2018

Dr Linden Bicket

University of Edinburgh


Blots and Scratching:

Faith and Fiction in Modern Scottish Literary Manuscripts

28 November 2018

Prof Paul T Nimmo

University of Aberdeen 

Constructing a Reformed Ecclesiology