Josep’s Youth Column in Life and Work

Josep A Martí i Bouis has shared his passion for Christian mission in this month’s edition of the Church of Scotland's magazine.

The Theology student is a keen member of New College Missionary Society and Canongate Kirk.  He is also involved in the Chaplaincy’s Ministry of the Church of Scotland, playing an active role in Holyrood Harvest, the community gardening project set up to bring students and locals together to reclaim wasteground in the Holyrood, Dumbiedykes and Southside area of Edinburgh.

Writing in Life and Work about “rediscovering evangelisation and mission”, Josep says:

“There seem to be two popular misguided approaches in our age. Firstly, a focus on outward forms of worship and praise as the key to outreach, and secondly an embrace of secular culture that dilutes the Gospel and hides it behind a myriad of otherwise very worthwhile causes.”

Josep believes:

"Being relevant is important, as is showing God’s love in practical ways. But Scotland and the world will not be converted by turning our churches into rock concerts… Mission must seek not numbers and statistics, but the glory of God alone."

A well known member of the New College community, Josep is this year’s Theology MA programme representative.


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