Winners! New College Student Recognition Awards 2020

Head of School, Professor Helen Bond announces the winners of the New College Student Recognition Awards for 2020.

1. For the student who has added most to the New College community 

"Honourable mentions here go to Nicky Dolan (UG rep) and Lucy Shouten Thieke. But the award itself will be shared by Matt Baines and Emma Mavin, for all the work they have done with the PG committee to welcome and enhance the experience of PG students this year."

2. For the student who has contributed most to the city of Edinburgh 

"This was a difficult one, and an honourable mention goes to Kirsty Forsyth. But the award will be shared by Ally Collins and JoAnn Sproule, for all their work with SERVE, a society which helps students access volunteering opportunities in the city, and their involvement with a number of charitable activities."

3. For the student who has contributed most to raising the profile of Edinburgh's School of Divinity or the study of Theology and RS within the UK and internationally

"This goes to Ryan Collman, who has overseen the website and Twitter feeds for Divinity’s Centre for the Study of Christian Origins for the last two years, extending the reach of the Centre to a worldwide audience."

4. The judges decided to include a new category this year: For the student who has done the most to raise the standing of Divinity within the University

"This goes to Jessie Fubara-Manuel, for winning the 3-Minute thesis competition. Jessie has given her 3-minute overview to various groups throughout the University, so raising people’s awareness of what we do over here."