Biblical Studies

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Semester 2: Spring 2019

Date Speaker Topic
18 January 2019

Dr Benedikt Eckhardt


From Club to Church? Organisation and Identity in Early Christian History

25 January 2019


(1) Phil Foster, PhD candidate

(2) Sofanit Abebe, PhD candidate

(1)  Is Everything “Beautiful” or “Appropriate” in its Time?:  ָyāfeh and Semantic Change

(2) Peter and the Patriarch: The End Time in 1 Enoch and 1 Peter

1 February 2019

Dr Matthew Novenson


Did Paul Abandon Either Judaism or Monotheism?
8 February 2019

Prof Joachim Schaper


Elements of an Ancient Near Eastern History of the Soul:

Aramaic inscriptions from Zinçirli/Sam'al and the biblical nefeš

15 February 2019

Prof Judith Gärtner


The Silence of YHWH in Isa 64f
22 February 2019 No meeting - reading week No meeting - reading week
1 March 2019

Prof Louise Lawrence


Ivory Towers and the Banishment of Bedlam:

Reason, Right Minds and Sane Privilege in Biblical Studies

8 March 2019


(1) Timm Hein, PhD candidate

(2) Prof Helen Bond

(1) “Oh, Oh, it's magic, you know? Matthew’s magi in Early Christianity”

(2) Physical Appearance and Gender-fluidity:  the Appeal of the Markan Jesus.

15 March 2019

Prof Walter Moberly


A Voice from the Fire: A Reading of Exodus 3
22 March 2019

Prof Johanna Stiebert


Religious Violence and Rape Culture -

Reflections on the Woman Accused of Adultery in Numbers 5

29 March 2019

Dr Mika Pajunen


The Changing Functions of Psalms and Prayers

in the Second Temple Period

5 April 2019

Dr Hannah Strømmen


Not Peace but Terror: On the Use and Abuse of Bibles

Semester 1 Autumn 2018


Date Speaker Topic
21 September 2018

Prof Paul Middleton,

University of Chester

“Those Whom I Love I Chastise” (Rev. 3.19; Heb. 12.6):

Divine Violence Against Christians in Hebrews and Revelation

28 September 2018

Dr Michael A Lyons,

University of St Andrews

Trito-Isaiah’s ‘Servants’ in the Psalms
5 October 2018

Dr Anja Klein,

University of Edinburgh

Uncovering the Nymphomaniac

– Exile as Sexual Violence in Ezek 16 and 23

12 October 2018

Prof David Jasper, Honorary Fellow,

University of Edinburgh

A Conversation between Two Literary Geniuses

– James Joyce and St. Mark (who almost understand each other)

19 October 2018

Julia Lindenlaub, PhD candidate,

University of Edinburgh


Nathanael Vette, PhD candidate,

University of Edinburgh

The Beloved Disciple Portrayed Through

the Use of Scripture in the Gospel of John


How Mark Wrote: Scripturalization in the

Gospel of Mark and the Second Temple Period

26 October 2018

Dr Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer,

University of Aberdeen

Isaiah 40-55: A Redefinition of the Temple and its Cult
2 November 2018

Dr Katharine Dell,

University of Cambridge

Wisdom in Exile in Babylon: An Intertextual Approach
9 November 2018

Prof Konrad Schmid,

University of Zurich

How God became a Lawgiver: The Torah’s Place in

the History of Ancient Near Eastern Law

16 November 2018 * No meeting * * No meeting *
23 November 2018

Dr Marion Carson, Honorary Fellow,

University of Edinburgh

Suffering, Character and Hope: Two Views of

Romans 5:1-5 and their Implications for Pastoral Care

30 November 2018

Ryan Collman, PhD candidate,

University of Edinburgh


Matthew Sharp, PhD candidate,

University of Edinburgh

Dogs and Evil Workers and Mutilation! Oh My!  

Identifying Paul’s Opponents in Philippians 3


The Voice of God in Rom 9:6-18: Paul, Plutarch, Pausanias (and

Others) on Deriving a God’s Character from his Oracles