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Call For Papers: Reframing Christian-Muslim Encounter: Theological and Philosophical Perspectives

Funded by the Henry Luce Foundation, the GNCMS exists to advance scholarship and foster collaboration between scholars, public intellectuals, and religious leaders in Europe, Muslim-majority societies, North America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia.


The first conference will critically examine the existing field and constructively analyse historic and current paradigms for theological, scriptural, and philosophical debate. By connecting scholars from distinct contexts and exploring the major themes and approaches that have shaped Christian-Muslim relations, the conference aims to invigorate the field by opening up new avenues for comparative study and mutual learning. Throughout, we will consider how theological debates between Christians and Muslims might be reframed beyond appeals to either inherent difference or general commonalities.


We invite paper and/or panel proposals that address conference themes such as:

  • Islamic theologies of and/or engagements with Christianity and Christian Theology; Christian theologies of and/or engagements with Islam and Islamic Thought (e.g. comparative engagements on topics such as God, prophecy, law, creation, justice, salvation, Jesus, Muhammad, and/or the human condition)
  • Evaluations of classical paradigms for approaching Christian-Muslim relations (e.g. polemics, apologetics, Scripture, One God, social justice, shared Abrahamic heritage, etc.) and/or recent approaches to Christian-Muslim engagement (e.g. comparative theology, Scriptural Reasoning, A Common Word document, etc.)
  • How new methods and theories (e.g. critical theory, post-colonial studies, gender studies, migration studies, etc.) might contribute to reframing Christian-Muslim exchange
  • Theological perspectives and contributions of minority communities (e.g. Muslims in Europe, Christians in the Middle East, Christians and Muslims in India, etc.) and/or models that shift Christian-Muslim studies beyond Europe and the Arab world
  • Constructive readings of major figures or texts in the history of Christian-Muslim theological and philosophical encounters


Confirmed Speakers Include: Mona Siddiqui (Edinburgh), Willie James Jennings (Yale), Klaus Von Stosch (Paderborn), Anne Hege Grung (Oslo), Mitri Raheb (Diyar, Palestine), Muna Tatari (Paderborn), Joshua Ralston (Edinburgh), Tarek Mitri (American University of Beirut), David DeCosimo (Boston University), Shadaab Rahemtulla (Trinity St. David), Hugh Goddard (Edinburgh), Deanna Womack (Emory)


Email abstracts (300-450 words) to

by 15 June with decisions communicated by 1 July

Papers will be approximately 15-20 minutes


Future conferences in Beirut in 2018 and Atlanta in 2019 will focus on political theology and law