Gifford Lecture Series with Professor Mona Siddiqui

20 - 29 September 2016 - Struggle, Suffering and Hope: Explorations in Islamic and Christian Traditions byProfessor Mona Siddiqui, OBE

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This series of five lectures are structured so as to explore the theme of human struggle, suffering and hope in a comparative and interdisciplinary manner that analyses the writings of both Christian and western scholars alongside those of Muslim writers. This distinctive way of working has marked the style and approach to constructive theology in Professor Siddiqui’s most recent publications, opening up unique insights that afford the important work of contemporary comparative theology greater depth and import

Below is a brief proposal as to how the chapters will be shaped (subject to possible minor amendments). To reserve a place at any of the 2016 September Gifford Lectures please see the relevant links below: 

Tuesday 20 Sept Chapter 1 - Theological & philosophical views of human struggle BOOK
Wednesday 21 Sept Chapter 2 - God, Discipleship and experience BOOK
Thursday 22 Sept Chapter 3 - Purifying Religion BOOK
Monday 26 Sept Chapter 4 - Struggle and the community BOOK
Thursday 29 Sept Chapter 5 - Contemporary voices on struggle and lostness BOOK

The overarching purpose of these lectures is to open up new literary, theological and philosophical ways of thinking about the theme of struggle through close consideration of the lives and works of significant figures drawn from the history of Christian and Islamic thought. We will consider how such figures dealt with personal struggle and conscience amidst the political and social realities of their times.

In view are the diverse perspectives these traditions afford upon the question of human spiritual struggle and the various challenges such experiences raise for religious faith. We are drawn to ask: Do our experiences of struggle and suffering, doubt and inward striving finally tell of spiritual ambition or spiritual emptiness, or both?

Venue: King's Conference Centre


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