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Coins and the Bible. Understanding Ancient Coinage.

Some of the most famous stories in the Bible revolve around coins.  From the four-drachma found in the fish's mouth to Judas's thirty pieces of silver, biblical authors have used the terminology of coinage to make their narratives more palatable for their audiences.  Coinage communicates the language of empire to its subjects, rich and poor alike, through image and inscription, and helps provide the material background for better understanding the cultural milieu of the Bible.  In this final session, Richard Abdy will examine the numerous examples of coinage in the Bible, ranging from the shekel of the Hebrew Bible to Roman Imperial and Provincial coinage of the New Testament and late antiquity.


This is Session 4 of a day conference, which is free for students and the public, though a £10 donation from public  participants is suggested. Registration is required and space is limited.  Priority registration will be given to postgraduate students in the University of Edinburgh's Schools of Divinity and Classics.  

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