Science and Religion

Bring together the two great truth-seeking disciplines and explore how they challenge and inform each other.

Research profile

This interdisciplinary venture is more than the sum of its parts.  You will make use of the methods of historical study, philosophy, theology, and literary studies to assess state-of-the-art scientific research alongside well-established areas of debate. Research supervision is offered by our academic staff for any research project that falls within the Science and Religion field. Possible areas of specialisation include the following:

  • Consciousness and the soul
  • Evolutionary biology, human uniqueness and the 'image of God'
  • Ecology, ethics and theology
  • Miracles and science
  • Physics, cosmology and faith
  • Reduction and emergence
  • Science and religion in literature and the arts
  • Science and the doctrine of creation
  • The Bible and science
  • The laws of nature and the idea of 'ultimate reality'

You are encouraged to contact a potential supervisor to discuss your research project before making a formal application.

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Core staff

Rev Dr Michael Fuller


Profile page: Rev Dr Michael Fuller

Dr Bethany Sollereder


Profile page: Dr Bethany Sollereder

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