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MSc/MTh in Religion and Literature

Our new MTh/MSc programme in Religion and Literature will commence in September 2021. Further information and details about how to apply can be found on the programme page.

MTh/MSc in Religion and Literature programme page

Current PhD students in Religion and Literature

Lois Wilson's research addresses how contemporary speculative fiction in the Western world exposes a tendency to think in biblical extremes during times of social or environmental turmoil. Whether nostalgic for a prelapsarian ideal or resigned to an apocalyptic end, characters often find themselves faced with the task of resisting the allure of these narratives and (as Donna Haraway would put it) “staying with the trouble” instead. 

The focus of Gemma King's research is Anna Buchan's depictions of the church, ministers, and daughters of the manse. More broadly she is exploring literary depictions of the Scottish churches and their ministers and authors' relationships to the Scottish Churches.

PhD in Religion and Literature

Research seminars

The Network holds regular seminars during the Autumn and Spring semesters.

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