Resources for School teachers

A collection of resources for School teachers to use in their classrooms

Videos for National 5 and Higher RMPS classrooms

A series of videos from academics in the School of Divinity which cover a range of topics explored in the National 5 and Higher curriculum in Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies. These videos include discussion of Christian beliefs about Jesus, Christianity and the environment, science and religion, spirituality and religion beyond "world religions", and evolutionary violence. This resource will continue to grow over time, and further videos will soon be added.

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Topics Academic Staff can talk about in Schools

  • Science and Religion 
  • Problem of evil 
  • Ecology and theology 
  • Witchcraft 
  • Spirits 
  • Gender and / or race 
  • Any area of Buddhist Studies 
  • The Hindu Epics 
  • The value of RMPS / RME generally 
  • Scottish Literature and religion 
  • The Bible and literature 
  • Religion and: gender / the environment and climate change / ethno-nationalism 
  • Jesus 
  • The origins of Christianity  
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls 
  • The Bible  
  • Jewish-Christian relations  
  • The apocalypse 
  • Early Christianity 
  • Love, death and religion in the Roman Empire 
  • Bible and Literature 
  • Parables 
  • Book of Revelation 
  • What the Bible means for Christians 
  • Understandings of 'science' and 'religion' 
  • Ethics of genetic modification  
  • Any specific science and religion issue that pupils would like to discuss 
  • Jesus' female disciples 
  • What are the Gospels? 
  • Who was Jesus of Nazareth? 
  • Judaism 
  • Jewish history and Holocaust education 
  • Possible university pathways to study these subjects 

Faith, healing and medicine in a time of COVID-19

Faith shapes the way societies respond to crises such as a global pandemic. Dr Emma Wild-Wood, is studying how faith informs responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of Africa’s poorest countries

This article was produced by Futurum, a magazine and online platform aimed at inspiring young people to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and SHAPE (social sciences, humanities and the Arts for People and the Economy). For more information and free education and careers resources, see

Faith, healing and medicine in a time of COVID-19 resource


The Edinburgh Buddhist Studies network has a blog containing a growing bank of resources, including recordings of their CPD webinars and teaching materials on Buddhism.

Buddhism Teaching Resources Blog

​​​​​​"Who is the Buddha?" resources

The Edinburgh Buddhist Studies network has created a group of resources as part of the 2022-23 “Who is the Buddha?” project, run by Dr Naomi Appleton (Edinburgh) and Dr Christopher V. Jones (Cambridge) as part of their AHRC-funded project “Comparative Buddhology in Indian Narrative Literature”.

These resources include six recorded webinars from early 2022 with accompanying powerpoint files that include additional notes, links and resources, and a bank of worksheets on a range of related themes, including primary sources (images and text summaries/translations) with accompanying notes, and suggested discussion questions.

"Who is the Buddha?" resources

Key Concepts resources

The Edinburgh Buddhist Studies network has created a group of resources for the 2021 series “Introduction to Key Concepts in Buddhism for RMPS Teachers“, run by Dr Naomi Appleton (Edinburgh University) and Dr Christopher V. Jones (Cambridge University) as part of their AHRC-funded project “Comparative Buddhology in Indian Buddhist Literature”.

This was a series of talks addressing each area of the Buddhism section of the National 5/Higher RMPS curriculum. Recordings of the presentations are available via links through to the University of Edinburgh’s Media Hopper platform. Each recording is accompanied by a powerpoint file containing additional resources and notes.

Key Concepts resources

Approaching Religion Through Story 

A range of materials for the teaching of RME (particularly Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism) through stories, at all pre-certificated levels, including Primary. The resources were created as part of the project Approaching Religion Through Story, in consultation with Education Scotland and Scottish schoolteachers (though we hope they will be of use beyond Scotland too).  

Story and religion resources

Migration and identity

A series of five 3-minute films which address the journeys to Scotland taken by Jewish migrants in the first half of the 20th century. These are narrated by contemporary Scots and Scots-by-choice, thereby linking past and present. The films are appropriate for all stages of secondary education and can be adapted for use across the curriculum, including RME, history, social studies, geography, art.

Migration and identity resource