New Testament and Christian Origins

Research early Christianity; its religious and historical setting, textual and literary criticism, and the history of interpretation.

Research profile

In this research area you can undertake research in exegesis, historical-critical issues, textual and literary criticism, the relation between Christianity and its religious and historical setting, the history of interpretation and hermeneutical questions. You will work under the supervision of specialists whose recent publications have focused on:

  • The gospels
  • Paul
  • The apocalypse
  • The apocryphal gospels and early second-century texts and developments
  • Textual criticism
  • New Testament ethics
  • Qumran
  • The historical, religious and literary environment of the New Testament
  • New Testament Christology

You are encouraged to contact a potential supervisor to discuss your research project before making a formal application.

Further information

Core staff

Professor Helen Bond


Profile page: Professor Helen Bond

Matthew Novenson


Profile page: Dr Matthew Novenson

Dr Sara Parvis


Profile page: Dr Sara Parvis

Professor Paul Foster


Profile page: Professor Paul Foster

Dr Philippa Townsend


Profile page: Dr Philippa Townsend

Professor Alison Jack


Profile page: Professor Alison Jack

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