Winner 2023 Three-Minute Video Competition

We are proud to announce the winner of our 3-minute video competition for RMPS pupils (and pupils of broadly equivalent programmes) in 2023.

Colour photo of School of Divinity Video Competition winners stood holding their prizes with Professor Helen Bond

This year's competition asked pupils to address the question 'Why is it important to study religion today?' in no more than 3 minutes. Pupils from St George's School won first place with the following entry:

Our 3-minute video competition runs annually and is open to all Higher and advanced Higher RMPS pupils (and to pupils of broadly equivalent programmes, including but not limited to A Level Religious Studies) residing in Scotland. 

Are you interested in belief systems, rituals, mythology, iconography, practices and ethics and the integral part they play in human culture? The world needs people who are good at thinking about religion as it runs through nearly every vein of our society.  So, watch this space for details of the 2024 competition!