Who is the Buddha? An in-person CPD event for school teachers

Two in-person CPD events for school teachers in Cambridge and Edinburgh with Dr Naomi Appleton (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Chris Jones (University of Cambridge).

Colour drawing of the Buddha in Nature
Saturday 28th January 2023, Cambridge, 10am-4pm or Saturday 25th February 2023, Edinburgh, 10am-4pm

Who is the Buddha and what is a buddha? How many buddhas are there? How does someone become a buddha? Can a woman be a buddha? How is the Buddha different to other beings who have achieved nirvana? What is the difference between a buddha and a bodhisattva? Is the Buddha of our time (and place) special in any way?

Join scholars Dr Naomi Appleton (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Chris Jones (University of Cambridge) for an informative and entertaining tour through these questions, and gain access to some new resources for teaching Buddhism in your own classroom. The event is free to attend and travel bursaries are available. It is suitable for new and experienced teachers of Buddhism alike, though those new to Buddhism may wish to first watch some of our webinars.


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Who is the Buddha? | Cambridge

Who is the Buddha? | Edinburgh