Professional development opportunities

Find out about the professional development opportunities available during your studies.


At the School of Divinity, after the successful completion of your first year of PhD study, you will be eligible to apply for tutoring opportunities and gain teaching experience.

Tutoring is an excellent way of gaining a thorough understanding of a subject, as well as improving interpersonal and presentation skills.  Our PhD tutors teach tutorial groups of about 12 first and second year undergraduate students.  We also ask some PhD tutors to teach on our online courses in the Philosophy, Science and Religion masters.

The School offers training to all PhD tutors before they begin, and support along the way.  So, tutoring is an excellent way to develop teaching skills in a supportive environment.  This is not only good for your academic career but, tutors are paid so this can provide a useful boost to your finances

International conferences

The School of Divinity encourages its PhD students to apply to international conferences in their field.  This enables PhD students to present their work to gain professional experience, and network with other students and established academics in their fields. 

The School also expects students to give at least one conference paper in their time with us.  We encourage you to give seminar papers in the School and to play a full part in our research seminars.

Students can apply for a grant of £500/year for financial assistance with conference attendance.