January 2012

Archived news from the School of Divinity

Alumnus wins award

Mark R. Gornik, who earned his PhD from the School of Divinity in 2008, has received an award from Christianity Today magazine in the USA for the outstanding title in the category of Missions/Global Affairs published in 2011.

His book, The Word Made Global: Stories of African Christianity in New York City (Eerdmans), is based on his Edinburgh PhD thesis, and analyses the extraordinary vitality of African migrant churches in New York. Mark is the Director of City Seminary of New York, where (with another recent Edinburgh PhD, Janice McLean), he is engaged in theological education among members of ethnic groups whom more conventional seminaries do not reach. Mark and Janice, together with Bill Burrows, have also recently edited a festschrift for the School of Divinity's Professor Emeritus, Andrew F. Walls, Understanding World Christianity: The Vision and Work of Andrew F. Walls (Orbis Books, 2011).

The Religious Studies Project

The Religious Studies Project was launched on 16th January 2012 by former and existing postgraduate students of the School of Divinity - David Robertson, Chris Cotter & Louise Connelly.

Starting with Professor James Cox talking about Phenomenology of Religion, it features a new interview every Monday with a major scholar on an aspect of contemporary social-scientific study of religion. Big names coming up include Graham Harvey, Armin Geertz and Linda Woodhead talking about topical issues, novel approaches and important scholars and methodologies of Religious Studies in the 21st Century.

In addition, every Friday we’ll be publishing a response to the podcast, reflecting on, expanding upon or taking issue with the Monday podcast. The first of these has been written by Jonathan Tuckett. In addition,there will be conference announcements, publishing opportunities and other resources for the prospective scholar.

The Religious Studies Project is produced in association with the BASR and with considerable help from New College staff.

Also available on twitter @ProjectRS, or on iTunes at The Religious Studies Project.

Religious Studies Project website

British Association for the Study of Religions (BASR)

Poster (PDF)

New Lecturer in New Testament and Christian Origins

A warm welcome is given to our Lecturer in New Testament and Christian Origins, Dr Matthew V. Novenson, who will be conducting research as well as teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students in a range of competencies.

Professor of Islamic and Interreligious Studies

We are very happy to welcome our new Professor of Islamic and Interreligious Studies and Assistant Principal for Religion and Society, Prof Mona Siddiqui, who began in December 2011.

Announcement: Lecturer in Science and Religion

The School of Divinity is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Mark Harris as our new Lecturer in Science and Religion.

Dr Harris begins in April 2012 and will be teaching courses in our new MSc in Science and Religion.