An account of surviving Gender Based Violence.

Edinburgh University Centre for Theology and Public Issues hosts the launch of ‘Witness’ – an account of a woman and her children experiencing – and breaking free from – the abuse of a violent and controlling man. Author Kitty Nolan writes: ‘There are many academic books discussing Gender Based Violence, but few accounts from survivors. WITNESS offers those living with GBV the chance to hear an echo of their own experience, and offers those not familiar with GBV a chance to walk in the shoes of the victim and her children. It gives the reader an opportunity to reflect on the complexity of the situation for the woman and children caught up with a controlling violent man, giving a deeper understanding why she stayed. WITNESS also sheds light on why those around the family can have difficulty dealing with the fallout.’ The book also considers how faith and religious institutions can be implicated in gender based violence, but may also offer resources for support and empowerment. Kitty Nolan will introduce the book, and there will be contributions from Dr Lesley Orr (University of Edinburgh) who has undertaken research and advocacy on gender based violence in faith communities, and Katherine Gilmour (Church of Scotland Violence Against Women Development Officer). The event will be chaired by Dr Alison Elliot, Associate Director of the Centre for Theology and Public Issues. All welcome.