The Spiritual Revolution

Professor Heelas and Dr Woodhead will present their evidence of the changing face of religion in contemporary Britain.

Professor Paul Heelas and Dr Linda Woodhead from the University of Lancaster, led the ‘Kendal Project’, a major empirical study of the churches and other spiritual groups in one British town. Their recent book, ‘The Spiritual Revolution’ (Blackwell 2005), draws on the Kendal findings, arguing that organised religion is giving way to subjective forms of personal spirituality.

Main Speakers:

  • Paul Heelas – Professor of Religion and Modernity, University of Lancaster
  • Linda Woodhead – Senior Lecturer in Christian Studies, University of Lancaster

What are the implications of their work for those working in congregations and chaplaincies and for those teaching in schools? Conference participants will have the opportunity to discuss that question directly with the researchers and a range of invited speakers, including:

  • Callum Brown – Professor of Religious and Cultural History,University of Dundee & author of ‘The Death of Christian Britain’ (2001)
  • Dr Steven Sutcliffe – Lecturer in Religion and Society, University ofEdinburgh & author of ‘Children of the New Age’ (2003)
  • Hijme Stoffels – Professor of Sociology of Religion, Free University of Amsterdam
  • Rev Dr Russell Barr – Parish Minister, Cramond, Edinburgh
  • Rev Dr Georgina Nelson – Chaplain, St John’s Hospital, Livingston