The Crossroads Before Us: Responding to the Rise of the Far Right

Join the discussion on far-right movements that have gained momentum in the Western world during the last few decades.

This CTPI hosted event brings together a cross-disciplinary panel to discuss some of the underlying causes of this development, the rationale of these movements, and possible means of resistance. All welcome!

Chair | Dr Jonas Kurlberg (Edinburgh)

Two Countries United? Drivers of Far Right Activism in the UK and Germany | Dr William Allchorn (Leeds)

Negotiating Belonging: An Account of Refugees in Europe | Dr Sara Afshari (Edinburgh)

The Comeback of Christendom: Theology and the Rise of the Far Right | Dr Joshua Ralston (Edinburgh)

What Can We Do? Practical Responses to the Far Right | Professor Matthew Feldman (Richmond)

Respondent | Dr Petra Carlsson (Stockholm)

The discussion will be followed by a drinks reception in Rainy Hall.

18.01.2018 | 5.00-6.30pm