Scotland, Land and Literature

Upcoming Seminar examining the relationship between land and literature in Scotland.

Changes to the way land is owned and used have made political news recently, with the passing of the Land Reform Bill in the Scottish Parliament. But land is not just a matter of property or its management: it has immense cultural value and that value is reinforced in much Scottish literature, old and contemporary. This seminar will look at how land plays out in the writing of Lewis Grassic Gibbon and of George Mackay Brown.

Dr Alison Jack is Assistant Principal of New College, University of Edinburgh.  Her research specialisations are Bible and Literature, and the New Testament and Bible in ministry. She focuses on the fiction of the 19th and 20th centuries and will address the topic through the work of Lewis Grassic Gibbon.

Thursday 21st April 4pm-5:30pm followed by a reception.