Growing Citizens: Teachers & Citizens

This conference discusses the critical role that schools have in developing active citizens.

This conference provided an excellent opportunity to explore that role, the dilemmas inherent in it, and the contested notion of citizenship itself. It provided an opportunity to share experience and ideas and to debate the latest thinking on education for citizenship. The papers from this conference were published by CTPI in its Occasional Papers series, in early 2005. This information is now available in the Publications section.



  • Is citizenship about conforming or about questioning?
  • How do we encourage active citizenship?
  • Can you be a global citizen?
  • Where does volunteering fit into the picture?
  • How do you link good practice inside and outside the school?
  • Are schools and communities ready to take active citizens seriously?

Keynote speakers

The keynote speakers were: Maggie Cunningham: Head of Radio, BBC Scotland David Carr: Philosophy of Education Lindsay Paterson: Educational Policy Ian Martin: Higher and Community Education Geoffrey Palmer – OBE, and a recent William Darling “Good Citizen of Edinburgh”


Workshops were led by:

  • Morag Macinnes (Kirkcaldy West Primary School
  • Carmel Heaney (Respect)
  • John Johnstone (Let’s Talk)
  • Claire Duncanson (Amnesty International)
  • Mary Patience (Oxfam)
  • Euris Scandrett (Friends of the Earth Scotland)
  • Sr Bernadette MacMahon (The Vincentian Partnership for Justice, Dublin)

The workshop topics were:

  • Citizenship through philosophy in schools Learning teaching
  • Respect: interfaith relations Church of Scotland
  • Let’s talk: pupils and politicians in Northern Ireland Global Education Centre
  • Participation and protest Amnesty International and Scotland
  • Voter education in poor communities The Vincentian Partnership for Justice, Dublin
Participating institutions

The conference was planned by CTPI in collaboration with:

  • The International Development Education Association of Scotland
  • Learning Teaching Scotland, Moray House School of Education
  • Church of Scotland Committee on Education
  • Global Education Centre